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Students find new accomodations on ‘‘Walk Day’’

Have you ever had an unpleasant living experience? Have you ever thought if you lived near classes or buildings it would make getting to class a lot easier?


For Grambling State University students who answered “yes” to the questions above, the Department of Residential Life came up with an easy solution.


The Department of Residential Life created “Walk Day” for students. The special day was billed as a solution to speed up the waiting for a request to change rooms. The event essentially consists of determining the room availability in designated dorms in around campus and matching students who are seeking new living arrangements. 


GSU’s first “Walk Day” took place Wednesday, Jan. 30 at 9 a.m. at the Grambling Hall Auditorium. 


“Walk Day is a win- win for the Department of Residential Life and for the students of Grambling,” resident assistants Dylan Mallery, Shavon Turner and Khalifah Muhammad said. “The students get the opportunity to move into a residence hall that is more suitable for them and we get the opportunity to meet new people and help the residents feel more at home.”


Prior to “Walk Day” an email was sent out from Residential Life to the campus community providing all the ins and outs surrounding the event.  


Based on a first-come-first-serve basis and a their position in line, students were issued a ticket. The number of tickets equated to the number of available spaces to choose from. Once the Housing Office verified the new space and the student’s fee sheet the ticket was stamped and the student was given a new housing contract. From there the student took the stamped ticket to their current residence hall and proceed to move out and clean the current area. From there a coordinator signed off on the stamped ticket and the student was allowed to go get their new residence hall and pick up their new key. And just like that the walk day process is complete. 


Students can begin to walk their items into their new space. 


“Walk Day is a great idea because students who can afford to live in an apartment or double occupancy can do so now instead of waiting until the end of the semester,” junior psychology major Sydney Jackson said.