Lace fronts are taking over campus, students express

Diamond Frazier, a sophomore from Lafayette, wears lace front wigs to prevent her actual hair from being damaged by heat. Jada Stokes/The Gramblinite

Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill surprised everyone by going on a rant via Twitter against women who wear lace front wigs. 


The Philly rapper recently said women need to stop wearing wigs. He had several feelings about women who wear lace fronts and posted “lace fronts wigs are wack, I’m protesting them” on Twitter.


Immediately, women responded to his statements. Several women expressed their feelings about the purpose of wearing a lace front wig, including Grambling students. 


“The purpose is to protect your natural from being damaged by allowing your hair to sit underneath a hairstyle that can also be worn for style,” freshman Guess Scott, Kinesiology major from Inglewood, Calif., said. “I’m not offended, everyone has an opinion and he just prefers women to wear their natural hair instead of someone else’s.”


Heather Carter, a sophomore criminal justice major from Monroe, also provided insight about Meek Mill’s statement. 


“When I take my wig off in front of a dude, they actually find it fascinating because good lace front wigs looks just like a sew-in,” Carter said. “You really can’t tell the difference if it’s natural looking. But I have had some dudes tell me that they like our natural hair better than weave.”


Meek Mill said he hates when the lace cap is visible around a woman’s natural hairline. He wanted women to “ask y’all man how he feels.” 


We interviewed two men that disagree with Meek Mill’s statements. 


“If it looks good it doesn’t matter,” Jayon Hall, a sophomore from Denver, said. 


Jonah Copeland from Long Beach, Calif. alsodisagreed with the rapper. 


“Wigs are fine, as long as it doesn’t affect the relationship,” Copeland said. 


Some can question Meek Mills own past hair choices, such as cornrows. 


In addition, Meek Mills last relationship was with female rap artist, Nicki Minaj, who is known for her colorful wigs. Did this ignite his frustration with the protective style?


Many assumed Minaj was at the center of the debate. The “Chun-Li” rapper is known for sporting vibrant wigs throughout her career. Several people came to her defense. However, she has yet to respond.