Former football player changes path to pursue music career

DeRogers used a baby photo of himself for his first EP cover. Courtesy photo

Nicholas DeRogers is no ordinary student. 


Born and raised in New Roads, La., Nick had a busy childhood. Between sports and a large family, he always had something to keep him busy. When he was six years old, Nick became interested in music. Even as a young child expressing himself through music came natural to him. 


“Music helped a lot with my anxiety. It took my mind off worrying about a lot of things,” DeRogers said. 


DeRogers initially came to Grambling State University to play defensive back for the football team. However, he soon realized it wasn’t his path. After a while, DeRogers  decided to quit the football team.


“I had a lot going on at the time,”: DeRogers said. “I kept a lot of what was going on to myself. Music kept me stable.” Most people believe he quit to pursue his musical career but according to DeRogers that’s not the reason, just a bonus. Since leaving the team, he has had more time to focus on his academics, music and mental health. 


Nick’s stagename is 6ixNick. He got the inspiration for his name from where he was raised, New Roads. 


“We call it the 6ix,” DeRogers said. He essentially took the 6ix from his hometown and added it to his existing nickname Nick. 


DeRogers believes that music is going to be a huge part of his life for the rest of his life. “I want to reach the heights and accomplishments of the people I look up to such as Lil Wayne, Drake, J. Cole, and Kendrick Lamar,” DeRogers said.  


However, his ultimate life goal is to wake up every morning and still feel as if he was dreaming. Although he admires these people, he is unique in his own way. A unique name to go to with his unique sound. 


DeRogers explains that his sound is very similar to his personality. 


“My sound is unique,” he said. “I mean it’s a representation of me through music actually. If you know me you know my personality. Sometimes I want to sing all day, some days I want to rap. Other days I just want to take to a girl and tell her how I feel and some days I’m just expressing myself and my feelings. It’s different, like me.” According to some, DeRogers has a sound that is comparable to Young Bleu.


DeRogers has been constantly working to put out new music and perfect his craft. He said that he tries to spend some time every day doing something music related. DeRogers has gotten a lot of exposure over the course of the last couple months. One of his hit songs “Boo’d Up” got a lot of buzz around the campus and the community. 


You may be able to catch it on the local hip hop radio station 100.1 KRVV-FM “The Beat” at night.


 DeRogers also has a couple music videos coming out soon as well as an EP coming out on his birthday, March 2.