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Community Service

SGA officer Ashley Dabney (middle) stands Linneka Watson and Araya McNeary showing off care packages. Raven LeDay/The Gramblinite

Student Government Association members and the JCS Project assembled 150 snack bags, 75 school supply/personal boxes and 15 GSU custom boxes on Jan. 17 for on-campus students.


Simply Helping Foundation out of Houston, Texas also helped students distribute the boxes. 


“We are grateful to have organizations like the JCS Project and Simply Helping Foundation who are dedicated to providing college students with the necessary items they need to have a successful collegiate experience,” said SGA President Adarian Williams. 


Adarian recalls the Founder of JCS Project, Tiffannie Jones, reaching out to him to coordinate a free event for the student-body. “During the Spring of 2018, Jones reached out to me with the interest of visiting our campus to provide this service to our students,” said Williams. “I immediately responded to gain more information on how we could move forward.”


Students filled the Tiger Den hours before the event started in order to secure their free care package.


“We appreciate all of the students who responded with gratitude upon receiving their care packages,” expressed Williams. There is more to come!”


The Gramblinite interviewed Jones to discuss her philanthropy and how it all started.


When Tiffannie Jones’ cousin went off to college, Jones would send care packages of food and money to help during the semester. “The responsibly fell on my heart to take care of her and provide for her while she was away,” said Jones. “I started sending her, a few other cousins and coworkers’ children money in the mail.” 


Eventually, the Houston native decided to apply add her personal touch to the old-fashioned concept. With no help, she started JCS Project or Just College Students. Initially, a scrapbook business on the side, Jones started making care packages full-time to send to her cousin and local students. 


JCS Project


As a real-estate professional in 2014, Jones, now 34, used personal finances to fund her business. “I love what I do and I’m very passionate about it,” said Jones.  “I believe the funds will come but we still need to help students now.”


JCS Project has received sponsorships with Whataburger, Legacy Community Health, and My Degree Is Black, as well as small donations no more than $1500. “Currently JCS is 100% funded by me,” said Jones. Students are encouraged to sign-up at, and follow their social media for the next stop on their 2019 JCS Campus tour. 


Creative marketing may help bring sponsors in. In addition to marketing students on social media, Jones and her team reach out to SGA Presidents each year to coordinate events on-campus. “We started at TSU and PV, but we have also been to most Texas universities,” said Jones. “We’ve also traveled as far as Mississippi to Alcorn and Dillard University.”


Jones recalls the first days of her business, when she had to research what college students needed. “I never went to college. I had to search and ask other students,” said Jones. “I’ve worked as a real-estate professional for 19 years, this month.” 


JCS Project gives away various boxes; they can be filled with snacks and school supplies. The boxes are assembled in the JCS Project office in Houston. 


While growth is paramount, Jones remains committed to building relationships. “The JCS Project is so much more than the packages,” said Jones. “We want the students to know we are here for them.”


Jones expressed her success would not be possible without her faith. “God has called me to this mission of support college students.”