20 Questions

1. When is 20 questions going to get juciy again? 


2. How can you afford Walk Day but you’re still waiting on a refund check?


3. Why are ya’ll walking around with no coat like its not freezing outside? 


4. Is the football team done cheating yet?


5. Will the football players stop hitting women? You know who you are…


6. Aren’t we too old for the “WYD” text?


7. Will you guys actually research political canidates this time?


8.Who else is tired of eating at the Express?


9. Was anyone else hoping we had a snow day Tuesday?


10. Is the Windy City Club really doing a “bonnet check” on the Yard?


11. Is Burger King the go-to place when you have the munchies?


12. Who else started working on 2020 New Years Resolutions?


13. Who still has pet dogs in their dorms?


14. Can everyone stop acting like they know how to do hair and makeup?


15. Is this Apple Facetime bug going to be fixed?


16. Will history teachers actually start doing their jobs?


17. Did y’all really vote for Kash Doll over Rico Nasty for Spring Fest?


18. Who else isn’t getting “Iced Out” for Valentine’s Day?


19. Is anyone else tired of being the side chick on Valentine’s Day?


20. Can Rudy perform at the comedy show during Spring Fest?


21. So who’s that fine white Que that was in the cafe Monday?


22. When are girl’s foundations going to match their skin?


23. I thought we left the off-centered wig closures in 2018?


24. Who’s going to the Rolling Loud concert in Miami this summer?


25. Who else is ready for refund to drop?


DISCLAIMER: 20 Questions are student-submitted. 20 Questions is intended for entertainment purposes only. Those who can’t take a joke should not read!!!