No “Welcome Week” for returning students this semester

 The school spirited members of “G-Squad” cheer during the half-time performance. Courtesy photo

Christmas decorations have been stored away, and the New Year fireworks have cleared the sky. That’s right people, 2019. In the past, the student activities board hosted a few days or a possible week to welcome returning students back on campus. 


“I was able to get a mini welcome week approved,” Previous President, Jimmitriv Roberson (2016-2017) reminisced about events including a late night breakfast in the black and gold room. 


“I wanted to switch up the location since it was always in the cafeteria,” Morilyn Fontenot (2016-2017) said, remembering her events vividly. 


“It was short, but we had a couple of events.” Fontenot said. “We coordinated events similar to the Disney Channel original cartoon, The Proud Family.”  


Campus reopened for students on Jan. 3 leaving only one full day of registration before classes started on Jan. 7. However, due to holidays, including the celebration in honor of Martin Luther King Jr., and Mardi Gras, the spring semester can move through quickly. 


“The Board of Regents requires certain elements,”  Registrar Patricia Hutchinson said. “Once that is provided, university administration creates an academic calendar for the school year.”


LaJazz Mond Pichon, 2018-2019 Favrot Student Union Board President, said fall provides more time for a Welcome Week.


“In the fall, new students arrive in advance and the majority are already registered,” Pichon said. “We are able to take the time to plan out a run an excited week before classes begin.”


Nonetheless, the student activities board has a great plan for the new semester. 


You may have noticed the large crowds directly to the left of the World-Famed Marching Band during the football season. 


The energetic group called “G-Squad” will make their spring debut at many in-season sports this semester. 


“We will be attending basketball, baseball, and softball games.” Pichon stressed. “We reached out to students during the first week of school and extended the sign-up period until our general meeting.”


Much of what will be discussed at their first meeting of the semester will be their technological advances to operations and t-shirt distribution. The organization that provided social activities for over fifty years is now gearing up with digital membership registration, making paperwork more organized and accurate. Almost everything that required a pen and paper will be obsolete, including meeting records. 


The first-semester senior said she is excited for what the spring will bring and the ideas being brought to life. Pichon wants the students to feel comfortable bringing up their ideas and “know that they have someone has a considerate listening ear.”  She also wants to focus on effective board communication and TigerFest preparations.