LEDAY: Spring Editor-in-chief plans for the new semester

Raven LeDay is a  graduate public administration student from Dallas, Texas.

“Leaders inspire accountability through their ability to accept responsibility.”


 That’s the overall theme chosen for The Gramblinite because I know that you are all games, parties, TigerFest, parties, clothes and parties. (Did I mention parties). And that’s so great! It’s part of what makes college a memorable experience as a student. But as future alumni of Grambling State University, we have some important goals to achieve. How will we network, socialize and look so that all those things we love as students help on the path to career success?


 I’ve wanted to be part of The Gramblinite since I first started at Grambling, because I have always wanted the power to investigate campus issues, challenge racial stereotypes of African-Americans, and improve campus involvement in national economic/social issues. So far, the experience has been intense, fast-paced, challenging, and more rewarding than anything I’ve ever done.


 The goal of The Gramblinite is to ultimately inform you about all campus news – to celebrate department achievements and answer any university concerns you may have. That’s why, as the Editor-in-chief, I will commit my time and energy to make sure administration are accountable, act as a vehicle for the sharing of student activities and give students a voice.    


So enjoy this journey with me and let me know what you think throughout the semester. Feel free to email me about anything at any time!


Go Grambling!