Coca-Cola CEO competition winner’s startup experience

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There comes a time in your life when one seemingly small experience helps you realize what and where you want to be in life. Sometimes we allow our fears and thoughts of failing to hinder us from what God has in store, so we sit back and dwell on our dreams. Then, something comes along to jump start us. 


Taking CDFR 450 the fall semester of 2018 was a wakeup call for me. My professor would often say to us, “I know you are here now, but what are your goals when you leave? And, how are you preparing for them now?” Wow! That was something big to think about. 


Our department was invited to The Next HBCU Student CEO Tour, and that day changed my perspective on things completely. My professors told us to create a business plan, resume and stayed on us to assure we did and had everything we needed to become the next best. I went in with a strong mindset, and ready to win attitude. 


Amongst five other students I was chosen as The Next HBCU Student CEO because I was able to discuss my business plan thoroughly, strategy, ideas, and goals for the company. I also had done my research outside of this tour to proper educate myself on starting this business. I won a free MacBook laptop, a complete entrepreneurship kit, and one year of free entrepreneurship with Chief Bosspreneur Becky A. Davis.


I’m so honored to be a part of Grambling State University in a department where everyone looks out for one another like family. This day was everything for me and helped me break out of a shell. I’m so grateful to have a team of professors that our department has that will encourage, push, motivate, inspire, but most important lay the foundation and guide you to your destiny.


This experience taught me to take everything seriously, never give up on my dreams, and to push even when I don’t feel like it or see a result. 


I’m looking forward to working with President Gallot Dr. Island, Dr. Mayo, Mr. Mathews, and Mrs. Talbert to get business experience here on campus by supporting opening our Nursey School. I know, with this kind of support, the center will be a success and very helpful for our students, staff, and community. 


Once I graduate this the fall I plan to return to Grambling State and work with the nursey school team. Later, I plan to branch off and open a childcare center that is I both own and direct in Monroe. 


I have been working with Mrs.  Davis from the HBCU Coca Cola Tour with the entrepreneurship. She’s been really helpful, and has been pointing me in the right direction as a CEO. This will not just be any kind of daycare center that I plan to open; it will be a center that focuses on the academic growth of the children based on the Louisiana State Standards. When those babies leave they will be Pre- K ready.  I have so many plans and ideas in mind that will make my center unique and stand out. I also would like to have students from Grambling State University from the Family & Consumer Sciences Department or Education, come and do their clock and OP hours at my center. Most importantly plan to give back to my HBCU and community in the future.


My advice to every student is to never give up on yourself or dreams. I am a mother, student, and manager and it took many tears, dedication and long nights to get to this point. As a college student we are faced with so many obstacles but we have to remember what lies ahead of us. Nothing worth having comes easy but the best is yet to come. There is no better place than GSU where everybody is somebody.