20 Questions

1. Why is FSUB trying to be woke all of a sudden on LGBT issues?

2. How can you afford to smoke in the dorms but can’t afford to stay in your dorm?

3. Why do the non Greeks run the yard?

4. Why do the police have new chargers and we still don’t have an actual library?

5. Is it spring break yet? 

6. Were you left on “read” or did his battery really die?

7. Can someone ask the NFL refs how they play “fair”?

8. Who are y’all pulling for super bowl?

9. Why did some girls wear heels to the stroll off?

10. Did you forget that no one was paying attention to you…It’s not spring fest yet.

11. Who’s really listening to Soulja boy for real?

12. Are men going to start rocking headbands again?

13. Can 2019 just end now? 

14. Why did some of y’all look the same in your “10 year challenge photos”?

15. Is anyone else out of Tiger Bucks already?

16. Is the fire alarm anyone else’s new alarm clock? 

17. What happened to the true spirit of gramfam?

18. Are we ever getting a pool or is that just not happening?

19. Can the person above my dorm stop sounding like they’re moving furniture at 4 a.m?

DISCLAIMER: 20 Questions are student-submitted. 20 Questions is intended for entertainment purposes only. Those who can’t take a joke should not read!!!

20. Can you name a better Grambling male fashion icon other then Milton? I’ll wait.

21. Is the wifi going to be fixed?