Reid seeking SWAC Championship in final year

GSU Pitcher Johnathan Reid winds up to deliver a strike. 

Reid out of uniform and on campus.

Baseball season is in full effect at the Grambling State University. 


The GSU baseball team looks to bounce back after their 2018 season ended in defeat to Texas Southern University in the SWAC Championship game. 


Graduate student and starting pitcher Jonathan Reid has goals he wishes to conquer this season along with his teammates.


 “Our goal is to get back to the SWAC Championship” said Reid, a criminal justice major. “I know it’s a pretty big goal for everyone, especially for the seniors who have been here for four years.”


 Reid arguably has one of the most important positions in baseball and enjoys the spotlight that comes with the position.


“By being a pitcher you control the pace of the game and nothing really happens without you,” says Reid. “I enjoy the independence and freedom I get when I’m out there on the mound. Playing sports can lead you to the pathway of cherishing unforgettable memories.”


 In Reid’s case that memory has come on one of the biggest collegiate stages. 


“My favorite baseball memory was pitching at the University of Alabama my junior year,” Reid said. “Pitching in the Southeastern Athletic Conference (SEC) is just one of those things I’ve dreamed about since a kid. Being in the big stadium surrounded by the crowd the feeling is surreal.” 


Reid has valued and enjoyed his experience at Grambling State University. 


“Everything’s been great for me throughout my time here,” Reid said. “Everyone from my coaches to teammates have been a help to me through my journey here at Grambling. It has been great having the opportunity to travel to bigger schools and experience things that I never thought I would’ve experienced.”


The Louisiana culture is something that Reid has adapted to and grown to love as well.


“I really enjoy it here in Louisiana,” says Reid. “The culture, food, and people are just a few things that has been special in my time here.”


 Reid who is from Mississauga, Ontario has been exposed to a culture that he was unaware existed before attending GSU.


“It’s special here because I get to see a different culture from my hometown,” said Reid. “The student body should know that I am a Canada native,” 

Reid responded when asked what’s something unique about himself people may not know. 


“It’s a unique situation because you rarely come across Canadians at GSU.


It’s also a big difference in the weather it gets cold in Canada it snows a lot there.” 


Reid looks to finish 2019 season and his college career as a champion.


After collegiate baseball, Reid looks to continue his playing career.


“I hope to further my playing career by playing professionally,” Reid said. “If that does not work out, hopefully I”ll find a job in my field of study.” 


The Grambling State men’s baseball team will open the season Feb. 15 in New Orleans, La at the Andre Dawson Classic.