Millican youngest, first black Mayor of Arcadia

Arcadia Mayor Orlandis “Bubba” Millican/Courtesy photo

At 26, Orlandis “Bubba” Millican is just a decade out of high school. He is the youngest mayor elected in Arcadia’s history – as well as the first African American mayor of his hometown.


Millican is one one of several people of color in politics to make history in the 2018 election, and he has been on a path to excellence since his coming-of-age in the town of Arcadia. A high-achieving student, he attended Grambling for some time, before being elected city constable. 


Stemming from a desire to affect change in his hometown, Millican began campaigning for constable in Arcadia in 2014, where he ran unopposed as the youngest in the state of Louisiana. The city constable holds a 6-year term, however Millican resigned in December following his successful run for mayor. 


After serving four years as a constable, Millican is preparing to serve the city on a much wider scale, beginning with blighted property and overgrown vegetation. After November’s victory against opponent Gary Carlisle, he’s hoping to lead the city to a fruitful future. 


Millican that he envisions the city as an example of what the community is capable of when youth invest in their local government.


Just 15 minutes north of exit 81, Millican plans to build the trust between the city’s youth and local law enforcement. 


“With everything going on in the world, building their trust is first.” Millican said. 


He also wants to hold authority more accountable in the area. 


Millican takes over following the death of Eugene Smith, who served almost 15 years until he passed of lung illness in April of last year. Smith was a long-time supporter of Grambling’s football program. Under the late Smith, Millican served as his right-hand man for multiple years. 


Millican said he wants to improve the town’s parks and recreation for youth. 


“Doing an overlay of the existing basketball courts and adding lighting at our baseball fields,” Millican said. “By the end of year four, we would like to see a sports complex.”


Millican received support from many students from the area, including Mass Communication senior Elijah Hassan Roussell.     


“Bubba always stood for positivity and growth in the community,” said Roussell. “I know he is going to focus on the development of Arcardia’s youth.” 


Roussell believes that this will impact local youth in a positive way. 


“To see the first African American mayor in a city will motivate them,” Roussell said. “They see someone of color helps them believe if he could make it I can.”


On Wednesday, Millican met with President of Grambling State University, Richard Gallot. 


“The university always appreciates a very robust relationship with neighboring communities,” Gallot said. “We are excited to bring the new generation of leadership to North Louisisana. 


Gallot discussed the great relationship with the late Smith, a mentor for Mayor Millican. He also said he looks forward to internship opportunities for students.