BECK: Spring Semester Tips: Get on the right track early

A new semester equals new opportunities to be and do better. Spring semester, in particular, is the perfect time to boost your GPA, get reorganized and get off to a fresh start. 


Here are some tips to ensure you will have a successful semester.


• Know where your classes are. Some students feel as if since they have been running the campus for so long, there is no need to map out their schedule, but you can never be too sure. All students should examine their schedule by day and mentally map out the quickest and most efficient way to maneuver to each class.


• Read your syllabus. Reading your syllabus is an action that could be the difference between passing or failing at the end of the semester. Syllabi often include the professor’s contact information, course description and course content. It is essential to thoroughly check the dates of tests and due dates of assignments, even if they are subject to change.


• Set your alarms. Setting an alarm is also something that makes a significant difference. Remember, there are only three unexcused absences allowed in the semester. This means that missing your first class of the day because you overslept in not a valid excuse.


• Find a friend in every class. There will be days when you just can’t make it to class, yet and you don’t want to fall behind. Having someone to relay you the notes will give you much relief. Be sure that you can actually rely on the designated friend in your class to pay attention and have thorough notes.


•Lastly, get help early! If you are taking a class that you know you will struggle in, go ahead and look for a tutor. It does not make any sense to wait until the class has reached chapter 10 to try to get extra help.


Combining all of these tips will lead you toward a semester with less “W”s and more “A”s and “B”s on your transcript.