Alum Jeff Hall becomes first black Mayor of Alexandria

Grambling alum Jeff Hall was recently seated as the first African American mayor of Alexandria. 

Newly inaugurated Grambling alum Jeff Hall has become the first African American Alexandria, La after assuming office on Dec. 4, 2018. 


Prior to taking office, Hall stepped down as a Democratic member of the Louisiana House of Representativeswhere he served four years.


Despite his success on the state level, Hall ran twice before successfully winning the mayoral position. 


In 2014, in his first mayoral race, Hall placed second with a third of votes, resulting in a win for outgoing Mayor Jacques Roy. 


In his first run for mayor Hall continuously stressed the idea of changing the states budget, jobs and economic development. Even though Hall lost his first election, it did not stop him from running again in 2018. 


In 2018 Hall made a statement vowing that he would run “a pro-business, pro-people platform that brings jobs back, grows existing business and makes city government something that actually works.” 


During Hall’s 2018 election he ran against two white Democratic female attorneys. Catherine Davidson, had served for four years as the Alexandria Assistant city attorney and Kay Michels had served as chief and staff of previous Mayor Jacques Roy. 


This time was a success with Hall winning the election with 7,842 votes, good for 53 percent of votes cast. 


Vickie J. Hall, a resident of Alexandria, said she voted for Hall because qualified, educated and someone who is capable of making changes to the communities. 


Vickie Hall added she believes that the “newly elected mayor is very educated and down to earth” and that he is evidence of Grambling’s success.  


“Grambling has produced quality people to help improve our communities,” Vickie Hall said.