PINCHBACK: My college graduation is finally here

Dayja Pinchback

I began this journey at Grambling State University in the fall of 2014, and my time is now coming to an end! It is a bittersweet moment in time. I love my GramFam so much, and I have been honored to serve and entertain my HBCU on many platforms.

I am beyond thankful for all the opportunities this university has offered, and the countless amount of people I have been graced to meet and network with. Grambling has allowed me to grow in my professionalism and have confidence in my work and content.

The administrators and professors here are awesome, involved and resourceful. Every faculty/staff member I encountered made sure that whatever my request was answered or handled. Every professor was stern, but also understanding.

This is the place where “everybody is somebody.” I definitely believe in this mission, if I never did before, I for sure do now! I learned so much during my four years here. I’m grateful and honored to be a part of Grambling’s legacy. I pray that I left my mark on the University, especially the mass communication department.

To my department and fellow graduating seniors, thank you all for dealing with me and teaching me things I may have not learned. Through your personal testimonies, you guys taught me a lot about the small things others may not pay attention to. I am more than appreciative for every little detail.

To those who come after me, I have some words of encouragement for you. Always be eager to learn other entities that orbit mass communication, continue to sharpen your skills even if you feel that you have mastered the craft, stay focused and always be humble and helpful to your peers.

The Mass Communication Department is a family, and I am going to miss the whole department wholeheartedly. Thank you!