Hunt situation shows domestic violence policies at issue in NFL

The Kansas City Chiefs released second year running back Kareem Hunt after a video of him physically assaulting a 19-year-old woman surfaced earlier this week.

Hunt was placed on the NFL’s commissioner’s exempt list after the release of a video of the incident by TMZ.

Since the tape the surfaced Hunt has received a lot of backlash.

In addition to his release by the Chiefs, Hunt was removed off the Madden 19 video game roster.

Does Hunt deserve a 2nd chance? That is just one question that has still yet to be determined thus far.

Hunt reached out to ESPN reporter Lisa Salters to schedule an interview to make an public apology.

 “I’m definitely not that type of person,” Hunt told Salters. “My mother and grandma raised me right, that’s not me, they’ve always taught me right from wrong. I’m a person who always want to make everyone happy.”

The Chiefs questioned Hunt prior to the season about the situation, but he informed the organization that he was unaware of the situation.

However, after the video arose and he was released Hunt admitted that he was not totally honest to the Kansas City Chiefs.  

Hunt has since done an interview with TMZ explaining the situation.

“It was a long night, I really don’t remember,I just wanted her to leave but that is no excuse,” Hunt told TMZ reporters.

During the interview Hunt also revealed that the NFL never questioned him when the situation first was reported.

This has made individuals question, does the NFL really cares?

The NFL has come out and said an investigation was opened in February, when the situation first occurred.

The majority of NFL teams says they aren’t interested in claiming Hunt now that he is a free agent.

However, not all teams completley count Hunt out, there have been teams who are keeping a “eye” out for Hunt.

Teams such as the Philadelphia  Eagles and Dallas Cowboys have shown interest in the former Chiefs runningback.

Hunt has gotten support from former NFL great quarterback Michael Vick.

“He can always reach out to me. I’m going to give him positive advice,” Vick, whose 13 seasons in the NFL were interrupted by a stint in prison, told ESPN reporters.