GSU Radio Lab create tribute to late GSU student Earl Andrews


On Nov. 27 GSU’s The Radio Lab members hosted the Earl’s Challenge in the Caf.

Students paid tribute to loved ones lost and honored the lives of the late Earl Andrews and his best friend Boodie who lost their lives here on Grambling’s campus.

The Radio Lab provided a long sheet of paper that students could sign and remember their love ones or anyone they have lost to gun violence. The Lab also wanted this to be a positive event and had DJ Dani Golde and DJ KRashad on the 1’s and 2’s.

Danielle Ford, PR President for The Radio Lab, is the visionary behind the Earl’s Challenge.

“When I was in high school these people came to my school and they did a Rachel’s Challenge, Ford said. “It was about the girl who died in the shooting at Columbine.

“They wanted to spread active kindness and they wanted to make sure the shooting in Columbine never happened again. So I kind of wanted to put our own twist on it and have one at Grambling. A lot of people were close to Earl and since he died on campus I thought it would be smart to coin ‘Earl’s Challenge’ instead of Rachel’s Challenge.”

Elijah Roussell, a member of the Radio Lab, said he expected the event to be an eye-opener for a lot of people because within the last two years Grambling has had a few tragic gun violence events.

“When we have problems there are 100 different ways to solve them without more people having to lose their life,” Roussell said. “Everything you do you have to think of how it reflects on you too. We just want to show people that we are aware of it and we’re trying to come together and do what we should to try to prevent the next one from happening.”

Minister Sadie Wilson thanks God for the opportunity for everybody to recognize her grandson Earl Andrews and says that the Legend will live on forever and ever.

“He was gunned down here at Grambling State University and I’m just so full right now knowing that my grandson [he] was a legend. Everybody loved him. Everywhere you go there’s talk about how sweet he was,” Warren said.     

“I just want a lot of prayers right now for my daughter, just pray for the whole family. It has been a year since Earl and his best friend Boodie were murdered here.

“Whoever thought of this event we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We love you.”