THURMAN: A picture perfect Thanksgiving weekend

Destini Thurman

As a student at Grambling, the past few years I have spent my Thanksgivings down in New Orleans for the Bayou Classic. Normally, most students would go home to spend it with their family. Being that I am 13 hours away from home, most would think I would rather go home, because I am not able to go home as often as others who are closer to their hometown. I did not mind it though because one, I have family right around the corner from school, and two, Bayou Classic was just something I could not miss.

  This year, things went differently.  I decided to actually go home to Orlando, this year and spend time with my parents and sister.  In all honesty, I did not really have the funds to go to Bayou Classic, and I was missing my family and spending Thanksgiving at home.

Usually, I do not go home because I would be going home again two weeks after coming back. I was not even thinking bout going home until my boyfriend said he wanted to go. I was honestly surprised when he told me he wanted to go home and officially meet my parents because normally, it is the female who brings it up first.  I asked him if he was sure because the only option at the time was to drive home because it was too late to try and buy a plane ticket. He said yes, and I said okay lets do it.

To have my boyfriend come home with me made me feel great, and to just be home felt even better.  The entire time I took Nicholas to all of the local spots and restaurants that my city had to offer.  There is never a bad time going to Orlando, even if you do not make it to Disney World or Universal Studios.  The majority of the time, we were barely home, but we most definitely made sure to spend time with my family and friends.  

I was never worried about anybody that was close to me not liking Nick because he is a very inviting person, and my family was the same toward him. He expressed to me that he felt like he was at home and did not feel an ounce of awkwardness. My mom even decided to learn how to make his favorite dessert, sweet potato pie and it honestly turned out great.

  The fact that my family was so inviting to Nick made me feel great to know that my family truly accepts my boyfriend as he is. Being home in general made me feel so nostalgic, I forgot I had to go back to Ruston/Grambling. Bayou Classic barely crossed my mind the entire trip, and I was honestly okay with that.