Q&A with the talented singer

BreAnn Chavonne David is freshman  early child development major from Jennings, La.

1. What inspired you to start singing?
I was raised in a musically taleted house hold. I recall watching my dad play the saxophone. I aspired to be like him.
2. How important is singing to you?
I feel like singing is a talent and a gift from God. I always try to do my best with each performance. I enjoy being able to do  what I love while honoring him.
3. Where do you see your self in the arts in the future? I would like to minor in music. I will continue to work with choirs and also soloing too.
4. How did you feel singing in your last performance?  At the Grambling Alumni Chapter meeting in Jennings, it felt great singing. I focused on my song to make it sound really beautiful.
5. Have you written any songs?
I have written a few songs, however I haven’t professionally recorded any yet.
6. What genres of music do you like? All genres of music are special. I perfer jazz & modern.
– Compiled by Jasmine Franklin