Freshman singer balances live performances with studying

 DE’ANTHONY TAYLOR/ The Gramblinite

GSU has many talented students in the arts field. One of those talented students is singer JaMirakle LaShay Calep.

In the last few months alone Calep has several events on campus including Founder’s Day Breakfast, Gospel Explosion and the Talent Show.

Calep is a freshman visual and performing arts major from Gibsland, La. Singing was embedded in her from an early age as she came from a family of singers. Calep’s parents inspired her to start singing in Pre-K.  

“My mom and dad can both can sing,” Calep said. “They both sing in our church choir. Growing up I remember seeing them sing. I wanted to do the same.”
As Calep continued singing, her hobby turned into a passion.

Calep’s favorite genres are R&B and gospel. Some of her favorite artist are Chris Brown, Beyoncé, Rihanna, H.E.R., Fantasia and Tasha Cobbs. Her parents had a large influence in her music taste. She was raised listening to old school music.

“I’m definetly a old school head,” Calep said. “My parents played 70s, 80s and 90s R&B music. Listening to old music definetly made me like old music.”
Calep has written several songs of her own. In her future she sees her self making songs with Chris Brown and H.E.R.

“I see myself making hit records with my favorite artists,” Calep said. “I will be making good music that has a lot of meaning to it. I know one day I’ll be able to work with my two favorites Chis Brown and H.E.R..”

One day Calep was scrolling through the internet online and she ran across a life changing advertiment.

She noticed popular TV show, American Idol, was coming to Shreveport, La to find new talent. As soon as she saw the ad she knew she needed to apply.

After applying she had the chance to audition. As the audition day came closer Calep become more anxious. The night before her audition she ran into a minor sickness.

“The crazy thing is the night before my audition I got sick with a cold. I had a snuffy runny nose and my ears clogged up,” Calep said. “I believe the devil really tried to stop me but he didn’t prevail.”

Despite the sickness Calep still was ready to audition. On audition day she left home at 4 a.m. She was trying to beat the crowd. On the 45 minute car ride to Shreveport she felt estatic and excited for the opportunity. She stood in line and waited for the sun to rise. She said that the waiting period wasn’t “too long.”

“Waiting wasn’t too bad. Everyone was just excited. I remember watching the show on tv and now I’m singing on it.”

When she walked into the room she was faced by a pannel of judges. Calep performed the song entitled “I Need Thee”. Unfortunately she did not make it to the next round.

“Although I didn’t move on it was still the best experience of my life for sure,” Calep said.