Event teaches students power of credit

Event attendees gather to discuss lessons they learned about the importance of maintaining good credit

Raegan Nation and GSU past Interim-President Steve Favors educate students about how to manage their finances

Miss Senior Raegan Nation co-hosted ‘The Power of Credit” with Earl Lester Cole Honors College, in Jacob T. Stewart room 262 on Nov. 7.

The speakers of the night included Antonio and Charlita Hudson, Lavor Robinson and Yvette and Rick McGee.

The event focused on teaching students how to handle their money with taxes, build their credit, handle student loans, bills and more. The panelists mainly discussed knowing your numbers and building your brand. They touched on many topics graduating seniors need to know in order to start life after college including the idea that having credit is bigger than having money.

“What made me come up with this event is because it is a part of my platform, ‘Crown the N.A.T.I.O.N’ being I-Innovative to peers,” said Nation. “As well as being a part of my Honors Lecture Series program for Earl Lester Honors College under Dr. Steve Favors.”

Nation is currently a senior matriculating in the field of pre-med biology who hails from Farmerville, La. She serves as Miss Senior for the 2018-2019 academic school year and is  a part of the Earl Lester Cole Honors College, CMAST and treasurer of Black Dynasty Modeling Troupe.

In the process of creating her event, Nation decided to partner with field trainer Antonio Hudson in the Grambling and Ruston area. Hudson is a field trainer with the 1KMovement. He introduced Nation to the rest of the speakers and asked if she would like to host an event and invite them down to speak.

“I believe this event will help students get a jump start on life after college by learning and knowing their numbers,Nation said. “Your number determines your status. Learning about the Power of Credit.”

Nation said she is in good standing with her own credit but was able to take some knowledge with her from the event as well.  Nation and others showed their willingness to implement the plan presented to the audience by the speakers.

Nation said partnering with the speakers is something else she plans to do to help other college students at different universities to further the information to her peers who were not able to attend the event.

The main point Nation wanted to get across to her audience was to always know what you are buying and how much interest it will have.

“Some advice I would give to my peers as well is, do not take any credit cards or extra money you do not need during your tenure at the university, although it looks good then, it will hurt you later if you do not have a plan to pay it back,”  Nation said.