Alumni & friends renovate Jewett Hall dayroom

Seated R to L: Athena Halton (Gramblinite in the hat) and Angelia Lloyd-Husby (Gramblinite), Standing R to L: Ms. Barfield, Katherine Brown (Gramblinite), Kevin Franklin (Gramblinite), LaKisha Logan, Anthony Calime (Gramblinite), and Tracie Carr.

Homecoming is more than reuniting and social interacting.  It’s also a perfect opportunity to give to the university either in-kind or monetarily for the further enhancement of services for current students. In this connection, a group of alumni and friends have completely renovated and decorated the day-room/lounge in Jewett Hall as part of the contribution towards the continued development of their beloved Grambling State University.  

The team was led by Athena Halton, a 1997 Mass Communication graduate, working in connection with Residential Life Department’s Carnelia Barfield, Assistant to Director of Residential Life.  

“The idea came to me last year when I was here for homecoming,” Halton said.

 The proud alumnae noted that she and her friends would always gather around the proximity of Jewett Hall and the residents were always welcoming when they requested the use of the hall’s restrooms.  Halton said she observed that the community room could use “some Grambling love” and she proceeded to pull together her friends and set the wheels in motion. According to Halton, her main team consists of Alumnae Angelia Lloyd, Katherine Brown,Kevin Franklin and Anthony Calime; and two friends of GSU, Tracie Carr and Kisha Logan.  She noted that she is humbled and encouraged by their support and this further proves that GSU graduates are committed to their universities.  

The renovation included repainting of the room, redecorating to include a small conference table for students to complete assignments or have group meetings, branded wall hangings/pictures, and blankets, and cushions.  

The project was also an effort to keep the memory of Grambling alumnus Jason Anderson from Dallas who suddenly passed away earlier this year after being sick with the flu.  Halton fondly noted that Anderson was a friend of her group and recalled him as a well-loved individual who was fond of his university.
Therefore, to memorialize Anderson, a picture will be placed on the wall in the community room.  Halton hopes the day room renovation will not only keep his memory alive but encourage other students to become trailblazers and committed Alumni, in addition to creating tangible and meaningful projects/services that will contribute to the development of our university.  

Associate Vice President and Dean of Students, Gourjoine M. Wade, who visited the team at work congratulated the ladies on their gestor and noted “we value and appreciate our Alums for reaching out and wanting to contribute their time and resources to support the living-learning experience of our students. We are extremely grateful!”

The entire project of painting and redecorating has a financial tab of less than $1000, and Halton thanked the many supporters and friends of Grambling who donated cash or materials towards the project.  A donation was also received from Lowes in Ruston.  Meantime, Halton admitted while she is scanning the campus for another project for the 2019 homecoming celebration, a few have been identified but has yet to be confirmed.