20 Questions

1. Who’s house can I come to for Thanksgiving?
2. What happened to the southern hospitality?
3. Are y’all going to stop speeding down main street like you actually have somewhere to go?
4. You do know if you hit me I’m making you pay my tuition right?
5. What happened to the ice cream in the cafe?
6. Are y’all ready to win Bayou Classic… again?
7. Will you guys actually cheer and support the team this year?
8. Or are you going there to just look cute and take photos?
9. So who else’s GPA dropping after this semester?

10. Why does everyone have pets in their dorm rooms?
11. Did you guys check to make sure these stray animals don’t have any viruses or anything?
12. Why doesn’t the shuttle bus take us to the mall or the movies?
13. Y’all ready for finals?
 14. Why are scantrons not included in the tuition cost?
 15. Why doesn’t the ice work in the cafe’s fountain drinks?
 16. Is that GramFam spring break cruise real?
 17. Seniors are you all ready to graduate?
 18. Can they add a a cross walk right next to Holland?
 19. I still want to know why Jewett doesn’t have any washer or dryers?
 20. Any update on when this state of the art library is going to start being renovated?
21. Why did it feel like I was in Frozen this week walking around campus?
22. How come everyone told me it didn’t get cold in Louisiana?
23. Why does living and Gardner feel like the projects?
24. Are guys going to actually wear jackets or you think it’s still cute to wear shorts and slides?
25. So why is every guy cutting their hair off and getting waves after that wave check?
26. Where are the faithful men at?
27. When did modeling troupes start strolling?