Tailgating was like a “family reunion”

The International Students Organization met up during the tailgate. MARCUS BRANDON/Courtesy photo

Homecoming at Grambling State University would not be Homecoming without tailgating.

RVs, trailers, tents and barbeque pits filled Grambling’s campus everywhere this past weekend. The wonderful aroma of delicious food swept through the air as well. GSU has always been known for its outstanding turnout when it comes to the Homecoming celebration.

Numerous alumni, supporters and fans show up every year to partake in the festivities.

Although people enjoy the grand events, tailgating plays a big role among the fellowship throughout the school. Tailgating consists of cooking, music, relaxing and just having a good time. Family and friends gathered to eat and enjoy the welcoming atmosphere of Grambling.

Some school organizations even participated in the tailgating on Game Day.

Shariye’ Thomas, a junior biology major and a member of The Society of Distinguished Black Women (DBW), reminisced on her night of tailgating.

“I love getting to meet some alumni from my organization and eating the food,” Thomas said.

Several student clubs came out as well.

Xavier Washington, a junior majoring in accounting and a member of the Texas Club, described his tailgate experience.

“There were positive vibes all weekend,” Washington said. “It was something different to talk to some of the alumni about how Grambling used to be back in their day.”

Washington said next year he would like to attend again.

Other students who were involved had a chance to meet up with their families after the game.

Troie Seawood, a junior majoring in nursing and a member of the Orchesis Dance Company gave a flashback of her evening.

“I was excited that my family came to support me, but I was even more excited for the food that was prepared at our family’s tailgating area.”

Seawood said her favorite dish to eat this past weekend at the tailgate was the fried fish.

Homecoming Week started with several small student events around campus and then advanced into the talent show, comedy show and concluded with the Homecoming concert. Tailgating went on throughout the whole weekend. Many stayed in campers, hotels or with family only to wake the next morning and begin the activities again.

The community is obviously appreciative of little things like tailgating that help keep the “GRAMFAM” spirit alive. Though the food may hold a special place in the tummies of GSU students and alumni, the joy of new memories and old times warm their hearts.