Sacrifices necessary, but his military career was a rewarding one

Veterans have always been significant to our nation. More than former or current military personnel, they are the backbone of the country. Strong, dedicated individuals who have put their lives on hold and at risk to protect the United States of America.

In honor of Veteran’s Day, The Gramblinite wanted to recognize those who have sacrificed much.

William Johnson II volunteered to serve in the Navy when he was only 18 years old, and he served for a total of eight years. He was stationed all over the country and even the Middle East, where he participated in Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom.

He risked his life and had to endure strenuous physical training and mental stress, but he acknowledges the benefits of his having served in the military.
“My service has had a big impact on my life. It allowed me to be able to provide for my family in a great way,” Johnson said.

“Financially after I got out of military the training and experience I gained allowed me to get a six-figure job,” he stated, which is something he needed because he had three children. One of his daughters was born in Jacksonville, Florida, when he was stationed there.

While in the Navy, Johnson was stationed in Norfolk, Virginia, on the USS Roosevelt, where he served as an aircraft firefighter; at the Jacksonville, Florida, Naval Air Station, where he was an aircraft mechanic; and in Houston, Texas, Navy Recruiting District, where he was a recruiter.

The variety of jobs Johnson held is indicative of the gamut of professionals who serve their country well and then return to the civilian sector.

There are many veterans around us that individuals may look up to as heroes.  Sacrifice, dedication, duty, courage and so much more comes to mind when we hear the word veteran.  

Overall, veterans play a significant role in the United States of America today. They’ve made multiple sacrifices to fight for their country, which is why a holiday has been set aside to celebrate and honor their achievements, and to remind them how appreciative the country is for the dedication.