Mass Comm professor publishes second book

Grambling State University Mass Communication professor, Dr. Martin Edu has recently published a scripture loaded book “Discover What You Have in Christ.”  

This is Edu’s second published book, and will not be his last.

“One day I had this revelation to write a bible-based book, it was motivated by my pastor’s father in my Sunday school class, after he passed I started writing,” Edu said.  “The spirit of God just gave me the will to write enough for three books.”  

Dr. Edu has been a Sunday school teacher for over 20 years at LifeChurch.LA, a published author and has presented research papers at international, national and regional levels.  

Edu’s book channels a powerful reality of what you have in Christ. He allows readers to let the bible speak directly to their hearts to take full ownership of what it says.

Edu describes the book as one that is not designed to engage in story-telling to provide laughs or entertain readers.

“Most authors of Christian literature use the story format to present their content,” Edu said. “As a result, their work content tends to revolve around them, their personal stories, opinions, experiences or stories of other people.  While there is nothing wrong with that approach it tends to take the force away from the Bible.”

While it is not an easy process to get a book published, the inspiration to write one is not hard for Edu.  

“My students inspire me with their life experiences they encounter,” Edu said. “One of the reasons I have written this book, I want to show them that an absent Christ creates present problems. When Christ is in your life you approach things differently.”  

The book is now available for purchase at Barnes and Nobles, Amazon, iTunes,, Louisiana Tech, Grambling and ULM.  

A physical copy of the book is $15.49 and $7.99 for an eBook. Edu also keeps physical copies on him.

“I have started a book tour at local churches where I bring copies of the book for people to be able to purchase,” Edu said. “I had 500 copies and now only have 70 left.”  

When asked if he wanted to retire from teaching and focus on writing books Edu immediately answered, “I enjoy what I do with teaching, I am not done meeting all the students I am supposed to meet, when the Lord tells me to retire, I will retire.”