Khalid’s “Suncity” mix of neo-soul and R&B

No one hears a Khalid song and yells, “yo turn that off.” This year, Khalid’s stock rose after securing a double platinum album as well as multiple Grammy nominations.


With that being said, Suncity is a mix of Neo-soul and pop R&B that comes together in a pretty good fashion.


9.13 – The intro track is a pretty chill and humble in the opening. Some acoustic hum- ming for a couple seconds before what sounds to be the mayor of El Paso, Texas (Khalid’s hometown) handing him the keys to the city. “Forever from the city of the 915.”


Vertigo – Khalid prides himself on versatility, and from listening to American Teen and Suncity, you can instantly hear that once this song starts up. He is good at a number of things but sometimes may be weighing himself down by not showing what he truly excels at like some of his counterparts in the young R&B music industry.


sounds on a song with good vocals can be. Khalid starts the track off explaining how a typical Saturday night is in his hometown. This song sounds a lot like it would roll on the end-credits on some- one’s TV show after a strong love scene.


Salem’s Interlude – A twist on a voice-mail of someone leaving a petty or mind she just asks for one thing, reassurance, before try-ing to nd the party favors.The transition here between this interlude and the next song is perfect.


Motion – This song has a light and glimmery smooth slow jam feel to it. Also, Khalid doesn’t show any vig- or whatsoever with a sharp


Saturday Nights – There is a guitar strum the starts this song off. Sometimes you can forget how good simple hurt message. It’s a woman who just tells Khalid of her fears, life lessons, and ultimate goals. In opening he


Better – Chill vibes, American Teen Khalid. This is the best sounding version of Khalid. Khalid sings to a lover complimenting her looks, this is one I’ll send directly to my boo’s messages. This is a romantic recording with dope vocals and solid production.

Even though in the second verse Khalid’s “shawty”isn’t con rming the relation– ship, there is evidence that there is something going on between the two.


Suncity (ft. Empress Of)

– Title track alert. This might be one of/if not the groovi- est song on the tape. Khalid again shows range and his


El Paso heritage by singing this one in Spanish. Khalid and Empress Of join forces singing the hook in Spanish while both singing verses in English.


My nal re ections:Suncity has a lighthearted feel to it. On the album Khalid’s voice is sharp and the melody is clean. Khalid is a pop star who can excel in both R&B and Neosoul, but pop maybe where he is most comfort- able.


Although he hasn’t quit had a song like “Location” yet, he always has a song on the radio whether it’s his or he is simply a feature.


Overall Grade 7.5/10