Are you going to vote in the midterms?


Name: Jeffrey Harris, II

Hometown: Houston,Texas

Major: English Are you planning on voting?: Yes.

Why?: I think that it’s going to be a great outcome a great turnout the midterm election I think that it’s going to be a great outcome a great turnout being that I was one of the people who actually usher for the midterm election it seem like every-one really have a speci c goal thatcan completely actually be the same just being worded differently so I would say that the midterm election is going to be pretty spectacular if you ask me. I’m going to vote and my concerns are the protection of Lincoln Parish and their universities Louisiana Tech and Grambling State University and the education of our young children.

Name: Shanyia Harvey

Hometown: Tallulah, La.

Are you planning on voting?: Yes. I do plan on voting.

Why?: I haven’t paid too much attention to the midterms enough to know where my concerns are. But I do plan on voting

Name: Timothy Wright

Hometown: Pompano Beach, Fla.

Major: Computer Information System

Are you planning on voting?: No.

Why?: I’m really not sure what’s going on but I hope they make the right choice. I can’t vote because I’m not a resident of Louisiana. I’m just a student at Grambling.

Name: Aijhani Gaines

Hometown: Monroe, La.
Major: Computer Science
Are you planning on voting?: No.

Why?: I don’t feel a certain type of way but I don’t get into politics and I will not be voting for elections.

Name: Sheila Fobbs

Hometown: West Monroe, La.

Are you planning on voting?: You bet. I must vote.

Why?: I am most concerned that Donald Trump will win again.


Name: Emmanuel England

Hometown: Dallas, Texas

Major: Mass communication

Are you planning on voting?:I do not plan on voting in the midterm elections.

Why?: Because the severity behind everything that is going. Much isn’t getting done and because it isn’t getting done properly I don’t want to go about being the problem. So I am still working on evaluating how everybody is getting things done and trying to go on to the right format of getting us to a better nation as Trump would say.

Name: Jaylarose Pittman

Hometown: Milwaukee, Wis.

Major: Business management

Are you planning on voting?: Yes.

Why?: I feel that it would be very important to Lincoln Parish. I Will vote if I was registered to vote for Lincoln Parish.

Name: Malcolm Williams
Hometown: Jonesboro, La.
Major: Mass communications, broadcastingAre you planning on voting?: Voting is very important this midterm election.

Why?: You should always make sure you have the right person in of ce that is going to do the right thingsand is going to produce and help others.


Sonny Hendricks

Hometown: Lamar,La.

Major: Accounting

Are you planning on voting?: Yes.

Why?:Whatever my momma tells me….I am just going to see what benefits my type of people the most.

Name: Elijah Roussel
Hometown: Arcadia, La.
Major: Criminal justice
Are you planning on voting?: No.
Why?: Because I really didn’t get too much into this year. I haven’t seen what candidates are running or anything like that. So I don’t have a, I feel like, a valid opinion at this point. So, maybe if I look more into it I will. But as of now, no.

Name: Dr. Olatunde Ogunyemi

Hometown: Ruston, La.

Area of study: Professor of Library Science

Are you planning on voting?: Yes.

Why?: Social issues mostly. The disenfranchisement of black people, the gerrymandering of elections

Name: George Carraway

Hometown: Lake Providence, La.

Major: Mass communication

Are you planning on voting?: Yeah, I am.

Why?: The types of things that go on on campus. I think students should get more involved. Like the things we have going on, like the Career Fair we just had. There wasn’t that many people that showed up and there should have been so many people. We had so many people that came from different places and it wasn’t like it wasn’t advertised. We put it on social media and in front of the doors and not enough people showed up. When you start your career, you start off from high school and college.


Photos and answers compiled by Daryl Riley II, Devonta Sonnier and Alexis Webber