20 Questions: Alumni Edition

1. Will Prez Gallot make an appearance at the Block Party?


2. How many “hey strang- er” texts did you receive this week?


3. How many people are still waiting for their Fashion Nova order?


4. Who became a rapper after college?


5. Is Gerri still mad at us?


6. Does Van still want toght Justin?


7. Is DJ Chase still hurt about the other HC play– lists?


8. When will DJ Twinz stop playing the same vesongs?


9. Why can’t Nic Beemand TK be like Meek and Drake?


10. Is he still Nic Beem even though he doesn’t own a Beemer?


11. Will Gamma Gammarun out of sh again?


12. Will they even have fish?


13. When was the last time the Gramblinite won an award?


14. Who did the HC tnesschallenge to impress their old boo?


15. Will #HBCULM make anappearance to Grambling’s Homecoming?


16. Who got married to their Grambling sweetheart and regrets every minute of it?


17. Who got engaged twice in a year?


18. Is there dissension in#GramFamATL


19. Who is risking it all for that ‘last time’ with your Grambling boo?


20. Did you notice that the players recruited by Doug went pro?


21. How much have you donated to Grambling since graduating?


22. Who throws a party that they know is going to shutdown at midnight? GGTV?


23. Where are the refunds for the party?