Talk Back: Do you believe your vote matters?

"It matters to me because every vote counts, ya feel me?”

Jaylen allen
Decatur, Georgia

"Yes, voting matters because when people don’t exercise their right, we end up with bad and wrong people in office.”

Mike Ragsdlae
Jackson, Mississippi

"Yes, this is midterm elections, where whoever wins the most votes outright wins the race. A tiny number of votes can make a vast difference.”

LaBrittani James
Haughton, Louisiana
Graduate student

"Yes, I think my vote matters. With all that is going on in the world today, I believe that is one of the most substantial ways your voice can be heard.”

Erica Davis
Shreveport, Louisiana
Graduate student

"Yes. Voting grants me an equal opportunity to choose my political leaders and voice my opinions on the laws being enacted.”

Chandler Cooks
Las Vegas, Nevada