Windy City Club returns to campus

The Windy City Club concludes its first meeting with a photo session. Kayla Sullers /Courtesy photo

The Windy City Club held its first general body meeting Saturday, Oct. 20, in the Favrot Student Union Board (FSUB) Theatre. The family-based club is coming back to Grambling. The club has been inactive for many years.

Sophomore Sydney Dorsey-Rencher is leading the organization as president. Dorsey-Rencher said that she is “excited” to start the organization back up.

“We need to put Chicago on the map at Gram,” Dorsey-Rencher said. “There are so many students at Gram from the Chicagoland area. I encourage anyone from Chicago or even Illinois to get involved.”

The organization was founded on the concept of connecting GSU students from the city and suburbs of Chicago. There is an active Midwest Club that is based on connecting all states in the midwest.  

“There are so many people from Chicago at Gram, We deserve our own club!” Kayla Sullers, co-event director for the Windy City Club, said. “There are so many events we have in store for this year. I’m excited to work as a team to plan some lit events.”

Because the organization started a little late in the year, many events will be underway next semester. The club is planning on hosting a “Chicago Style Takeover Party” after break. The party has been verbally approved.

“We really just want to put our city on the map in a positive way,” Dorsey-Rencher said. “We are planning a Taste of Chicago GramFam Style, fashion show and Chicago Game Night.”

The Windy City Club will also be traveling to Mississippi Valley State University next semester to connect with their Chicago chapter for a leadership conference.

Vice President Xavier Miller said the organization is working on a mentoring program.

“Each of our members will be paired up with a student from Grambling High School,” Miller said. “We will be working with various organizations on campus like GSU Women Empowerment, UAAM and Delta Sigma Theta.”

The Windy City Club is also looking for applicants to become Mrs. & Mr. Windy City. Students interested in joining should DM “WindyCityClub” on Twitter.
The group will work as a family by coming together for bi-weekly family dinners and finding the cheapest way back to Chicago.

Madison Holmes is a freshman from the south side of Chicago. Holmes said she felt a sense of community at the meeting.

“I really connected with everyone,” Holmes said.  “It was nice being able to meet people from the same city as me. This is the first club I’ve joined and I’m excited for the year.”

Along with being active on campus, the organization will also be active in Chicago.

“The first thing I hope we do is go to Big-Jam Chicago,” Dorsey-Rencher said. “Big-Jam is a big concert. This year Cardi-B is the headline artist. We will be able to represent our club on a large platform.”

Back in Chicago, the Windy City Club plans to host a peace rally, be a part of the Bud Billiken Parade and Pride Fest.

Raymond Washington, social media director for the Windy City Club, said social media plays a vital role in branding the club.

“Aside from the event planning committee, we also have social media,” Washington said.

“We will be working on our Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat presence. We are going to be starting a YouTube channel as well.”