UPhi U, OBB host Stroll-Off

KKPsi winners caught mid-strut during last Thursday's stroll-off. Philip Fowler/The Gramblinite

“This event is gonna go live,” Dezyriah Rankins, a senior and native of Bogalusa, majoring in sports management with a concentration in kinesiology, said.
Sometimes, the simplest word can describe the most spectacular moments in life. Last Thursday’s “Phinal DestUnatiOn Stroll Off” was already in the works of being a major success and a moment in time that could never be repeated. When organizations, like UPhi U and OBB collaborate, it’ll always be a good time for those in attendance.

Students trickled into T.H. Harris Auditorium like super-fans waiting for the grand show at a Beatles concert, you could almost see the energy manifesting in the early-night air.

With an almost packed auditorium, their anticipation was almost palpable, waiting for the show begin. DJ Twinz starts playing hits after hits, pumping up the crowd for the amazing performances to come.

Organizations that performed included, Phi Beta Sigma, Distinguished Black Women (DBW), Order of Black Beauties (OBB), Kappa Kappa Psi (KKPsi), Kappa Alpha Psi (KAPsi) and Diversity Dance Company (DDC).

Starting off was the Tigerrettes performance showing off precise coordination, a little bit of boldness and exciting acrobatics that wowed the audience.

Next was Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc.’s, performance. Starting off with a two man group, the brothers showed off their 80s inspired routine.

The stroll off quickly switched into groove gear with a slow R&B jam from Tank. Everything changed when 12Allday by T-Lo played next. Almost like a call to action, the Phi Beta Sigma brothers quickly flooded the stage to strut their stuff.

DBW was up next with their personalized routine almost it came straight from a exemplary military marching band. With just a few more power moves the whole auditorium was rocking with the beat.

Ultimately, Grambling’s very own finest were the ultimate winners of this year’s stroll off. KKPsi wowed everyone with their performance. Inspired with the spirit of Halloween the young brothers started off looking rather ghoulish in their masks. Finally, the brothers put on a NSYNC-esque performance.

“I had a pretty good time, I enjoyed myself,” Andrew Jones, a junior biology major from Amite, said. “It was a nice little show they put on.”

“It was really nice!” Journey Sellers, a sophomore from Illinois majoring in biology, said. “I really though OBB would have won tonight.”

Even those who did not officially perform were still out strolling through the audience and representing their organizations. Along with DJ Twin, the energy stayed on high with non stop club bangers with MC Fiji steering the ship.

This year’s turnout benefits the events recipients in honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. All proceeds will be donated to the Susan G Komen Foundation and their race towards finding a cure for breast cancer.