Tiger Top 5

1. Zeze – Kodak black ft. Travis Scott & Offset
Kodak Black’s first song since he was released from prison. Features from two of the hottest rappers right now.

2. Uproar – Lil Wayne
    Critically acclaimed C5 has a mix of throwback music along with today’s sound. A twist on the older Green Ranger song with vintage Swizz Beats ad libs. We hear a song that was possibly supposed to be released YEARS ago.

3. Never recover – Lil Baby & Gunna ft. Drake
    It’s safe to say that in the past few years Drake has solidified himself as one of the top artists for features. Personally this is the best song on the Lil Baby x Gunna Drip Harder tape.

4. The flute song – Russ
    Although many people don’t like Russ because of his personality, his music can back that up. With the quality of music he just released and how fast he blew up it may have gotten to his head, but the flute song is a certified banger

5. Sin – young thug ft. Jaden Smith
    “Got the same name as the butler, but more money than Ashley and her mother,” best song and bar from the On the Rvn tape. Along with this, Jaden Smith is such an underrated artist that people often forget that he is a good artist.