4Walker releases debut album

Summer Walker, an Atlanta native,  is a new up-and-coming artist who is ready to take over.

Many compare Walker to other musicians, such as H.E.R and SZA.

Walker definitely killed the music scene with her debut album by giving everyone a feel on her Last Day of Summer,  She has proven her spot in the R&B game with her soothing vocals and relatable lyrics.

She is signed to LVRN which is a label associated with Interscope records, and has artist such as 6lack and DRAM.

After releasing her debut album, she has begun her tour with opening up for 6lack, another Atlanta-native artist who dropped his project awhile back titled East Atlanta Love Letter.

“BP”- A smooth beginning, sultry song to kick off the EP.  Summer speaks on the stereotypical guy who believes women are attracted to the finer things, in which she shuts him down by letting him know that all girls are not the same, and some just enjoy a man with a heart full of gold. 10/10

“Talk Yo S***”- This PSA informs guys on how it is good to be a gentlemen but at the same time females do things in order to fulfill the attention from guys. Furthermore this PSA is very comedic  with a melodic tempo in the background. 8/10

“Girls Need Love”- By far one of my favorite songs on the album. This song is most definitely a anthem for a girls night out on the town due to the free spirit vibes given off with her lyrics. Summer expresses what most girls are scared to say, which is girls need a guy with a rough edge who is not scared to deliver love.” Fans favorite request. 10/10

“CPR”- A song that could have been on Love Jones shows nothing but pure emotion. Summer delivers this hit by speaking on a genuine confidant who is always there but without her confidant she is lost. 10/10

“Smartwater”- An exotic beat with a simple message of playing tic for tack. One of Walker’s realist lines “Typically not the girl out your league, I know that I’m not just like them other girls. But I can lead you to something that they can’t see, Something stable if you trust me, but you won’t.” With no features she seems to bring fire until the entire album with her poetic vibes. 8/10

“Deep”- Have you ever been too far in a relationship and you do not want to give up on it, well listen to this snippet that will put you in your feelings about a special someone. 8.5/10

“Baby”- She brings us another interlude with a up beat tempo. In this song she explains her compassion for a love one. Produced by Arsenio Archer, who filed a lawsuit against London on the track and many others due to the lack of compensation. 9/10

“I’m There”-  Most definitely a side chick anthem that expresses wanting to risk everything in order to be with a individual who is no good, but you figure you only live once so why not. Great composition as well as harmony. 9/10

“Karma”- Summer gives a warning that men should not mistreat women because not all women will be submissive and take crap. She states that men will find their match by getting put in a situation they put another female in. 10/10

“Prayed Up”- Sometimes every artist needs a break from negative influences, therefore most times they call on a higher being to relieve all the negative energy. Walker delivers that to stay on the right path she has to stay prayed up so that enemy does not keep whispering in her ear. 9/10

“Shame”- This song is beautiful with a eccentric feel to it. The song describes a lover who is accepts all flaws and still is willing to love like no other. Summer shows raw emotion in the song by giving her fans a glimpse of her experiences with a love one. 8/10

“Just Like Me”- To end the EP, she explains her love for male who is the same as her but due to certain circumstances they can not be together. 9/10.
The overall album would get a 90% because she delivered very well with her rough edge and independence on women.