20 Questions

1. Are the girls in Truth going to stop throwing  people’s clothes away?
2. Why are y’all already wearing fur coats ?
3. How many of you sent in the grad application and your name is still not on the list?
4. Did you forget about service learning and community service when you sent in your grad app?
5. Why did the girls shimmy better than the Nupes?
6. Why does the Homecoming still cater to alumni?
7. Why do the alumni Homecoming events look better then the student events?
8. Why was there a “Wave Check” on the Yard when none of y’all actually have waves?
9. Why does Taco Bell take so long to make my food?
10. Is the caf going to start serving vegan food options?
11. Why did the caf start serving ice cream as soon as it got cold?
12. Are y’all going to start setting times to take your clothes out the dryer orrr…?
13. Girlfriend vs. Campus Queen?
14. Who will win?
15. Are the people in the suburbs going to start cleaning up their own trash or just keep letting that one lady clean it up every day?
16. Why did the fire alarm in Truth go off seven times last night?
17. So when is the Wi-Fi going to be increased 20,000 times faster?
18. Is Jewett ever going to get washers and dryers?
19. Why are the Chicago and Texas clubs beefing over a dance?
20. Why is this dude still sleeping on my couch?
21. Are the Greek alums gonna be hazing during Homecoming?
22. When did Grambling become so boring?
23. Where’s the excitement?

Disclaimer: 20 Questions are student-submitted. 20 Questions is intended for entertainment purposes only. Those who can't take a joke need not read!!!