Walker: How do I feel about GSU educators and students?

Through my experiences here at Grambling State university, I was lucky enough to have some pretty good teachers who enjoyed their jobs.

Now, there are a number of teachers who may enjoy their job but are older so they may be stuck in their ways even with the changing times.

With the new wave of technology, I personally feel like some teachers should get with the times and not only teach with markers/chalk and

Malik Walker

a board, but make lessons interactive.

They should allow students to get involved rather than just sit down for an hour or two and just take straight notes.

I learned from a young age that I am a visual learner. When teachers allow me to participate in activities or things of that nature, those lessons tend to stick with me a lot better than pure lectures. 

Another type of teacher I’ve experienced here were also lazy teachers. Teachers who just come for their check and do not really care whether

or not students learn. Thankfully, those teachers were far apart and few between.

Currently, I have four teachers who are extremely hands on allowing me to learn by doing with note taking maybe once every two weeks. I appreciate those type of teachers.

As far as students go, there have been good students I’ve had classes with and even some bad ones. The good ones are  my favorite, they interact in class, share notes, and even have group me’s to set up study sessions or even *cough cough* cheat from time to time (if you’re not cheating you’re not trying, a class that cheats together passes together).

Although I completely loathe group projects there was even some group projects where all students did their fair share of work. Now, as far as bad students there are A LOT of those as well. They barely come to class, stop coming once refund checks come and you see them everywhere except class. And my least favorite student are those who don’t help classmates and let everyone else fend for themselves (why even be in a public school?).