Is education taken seriously at GSU?

Terry Joseph

I feel that some professors at Grambling State University treat education as an incentive. GSU professors sometimes forget that we as students are paying top-dollar for an education, and some of us feel that we are not getting a full experience.
Some professors here think that simply doing the assignments and getting the grade is what we call “education.”
Education should be knowledge that’ll live on in our daily lives, not just some way to keep busy and make good grades.
 I think that some of the students here really are just “going through the motions” and really will know little to nothing once they cross that stage.
Retaining and processing the information that professors are giving to us is very vital, and the most common mistake for us students is we are just remembering.
Yes, you can say that it is their fault, but as a professor, how would that make you feel?
Earnest Bland, a junior majoring in engineering says he is going through a rough time in calculus because the professor goes extremely fast and does not try to extend what he is teaching further.
Once he passes this class, do you think he will remember majority of what he learned?
Victravious Anderson, a senior majoring in criminal Justice, says that he feels that the new professors he’s seen really care about the students and making them learn, and they are actually concerned with their lives to get them to the next level.
Older professors, are usually the ones who give us, as students, problems.
 Now, some might say that a student must adapt to a professor’s teaching style, but students are what keep their bills paid.
The student only has one job: to be invested in their education. The student should not have to hold the professor accountable, but too many times, they do.