Talk Back: Do you belive that GSU professors take education seriously?

"I think they take it seriously, but I don’t think they’re considerate.” -Karsyn Sharp
Atlanta, Georgia.


"I think a good amount of the professors take education seriously, but not all of them. If students don’t take it seriously, professors shouldn’t.” -Trejure Davis
Brooklyn, New York.

"Yes, my professors take education seriously because they make sure you have everything that you need and make sure you study.” – Alancia Foster
Ruston, Louisiana.

"I think GSU professors are perfect! I love it and try to invite everyone to this beautiful school.” -Ahmed Al Rashed
Saudi Arabia.

"I think GSU professors are very old fashion. With technology evolving, resources are more attainable & the approach of teaching has changed.” -Zemry Ivory
Dallas, Texas.