Young Thug is ‘On the Rvn’

If ‘Slime Language’ that was released a few weeks ago served showing the world what YSL artists could do all together, ‘On the Rvn’ was released to remind listeners what Jeffery, a.k.a. Young Thug, a.k.a. Thugger is capable of on his own.

With this being his first release of a solo project since ‘BEAUTIFUL THUGGER GIRLS’ in early 2017, fans were anxious to hear what Thugger had to offer next. Fans of the artists were not disappointed as the songs sounded a lot like the early Young Thug that blew up from his ‘Slime Season’ trilogy. On the Rvn was originally set to release the same day Thug turned himself in to authorities on Sept. 11 but was pushed back due to gaining clearance for some of the samples used on the EP. The EP was finally released on Sept. 24. The album has features from 6LACK, Jaden Smith, T-Shyne, and living legend Elton John.

“On the Run” – A fast starting, up-paced song to start the EP. Thug talks about running from the cops for a brief period before turning himself in. This song is directly related to the type of songs he released on his rise to fame. With this incredible flow and over-the-top rhyme style it’s hard to see how someone wouldn’t be a Young Thug fan. 10/10

“Icey” –A song of true flexing that will go straight into the strip clubs. He’s flexing so hard on this song, that his lady of interest even catches the drip. Most times flexing songs are obnoxious and played out, but Thug just flexes so good that you don’t even get tired of it. Listening to this song it’s crazy to think how his flow is just so unparalleled and it constantly shines through on so many songs. 8/10

“Climax” (ft. 6LACK) – The song on the album that grew on me. Originally this wasn’t a top song but the more you listen the more the harmonization of Thug and 6LACK becomes something special. 6LACK fresh off his release is still delivering hits, this time in feature form. He sings off first losing a lover but soon after finding one who is much better for him (we’ve all been there before). 9/10

“Sin” (ft. Jaden Smith) – This song has possibly the best line on the album, “got the same name as the butler, but more money than Ashley and her mother.” Along with this, Jaden Smith is such an underrated artist that people often forget that he is a good artist. 10/10

“Real in My Veins” (ft. T-Shyne) – The beat here is made by YSL underdog Supah Mario, who may have a notable commercial run coming very VERY soon. Just a simple song to remind everyone that Thug has real running through his veins. The verse by T-Shyne was added after the album had already been released. This song is a chill one compared to other Thug songs. Listening to Thug songs reminds me a lot of Randall from Monsters Inc. as he is so capable of adapting to any type of beat and sounding good with several different flow forms. The song was also supposed to have another feature from Offset but it was accidentally left off. 8/10

“High” (ft. Elton John) – A sample of one of Elton John’s most well-known songs “Rocket Man”. Assuming this is the song that needed clearance, which pushed the EP back, it was well worth the wait. The beat on this song is an extravagant mix of both lush & spacious as well as non-traditional composition. You wouldn’t think that a song with Thug and Elton John would sound good, but why wouldn’t it. The vocals sway from euphoric, ethereal highs to deliberate, impassioned lows, and the cadences flit freely from traditional rap to the specific brand of emotive crooning unique to Thug’s music. Has Young Thug ever sounded out of character with anyone? 10/10

“Final Reflection” – On the Rvn had sounds and vibes of old Thug projects that some consider to be modern-day masterpieces. Thugga is one of the most influential rappers of this generation. His flow, ad-libs, and rhyme style can be heard in a number of todays up-and-coming rappers. But with releases like this, he still shows that he is still the creator and perfectionist of the style. Jeffrey’s influence will be felt for years and years to come. Also, Thug on a beat produced by London On Da Track is a guaranteed hit, much like the Kobe/Shaq duo of the early 2000s.
Overall Grade: 9.1/10