SGA hosts midterm study session for students

Students Aviana Cornelius, Zaphany Banks, Morganie Montgomery study for their midterms together

The Fall semester has quickly reached its peak with midterms coming up right around the corner. To prepare for upcoming exams, the Junior and Senior Class Cabinets decided to put together a midterm study session for Grambling State University students.

On Oct. 4 at 5 p.m., students gathered in the 1901 Bistro located on campus. The 1901 Bistro, formerly known as Cash Street, provided a new setting and an opportunity for students to study and collaborate with other peers. The Bistro is another place students and administration can go for lunch besides McCall Dining Hall or the Express.

The Bistro closes daily at 2 p.m., but thanks to the class cabinets, students were able to come in after hours for this special event. When entering, students were greeted by the friendly, welcoming cabinet and even given Scantrons to help prepare them for their upcoming tests. Food, catered by Aramark, was also provided to the students and consisted of fresh fruit, ham or turkey and cheese sandwiches, chips and a choice of either sweet tea or water.

As students got settled in and attempted to start doing their work, a few of them began to notice one problem, the Wifi was locked and no one knew the password. The cabinet called maintenance to get assistance with the Internet, but were unfortunately unable to receive any help.

The lack of wifi made it difficult for some students to do their work and they made the ultimate decision to leave the event. Other students decided to be technologically savvy, and opted to using their hotspots straight from their smart-phones. The other students who decided to stay were either focused on notes, written homework or worksheets while a few just conversed quietly amongst friends.

Stephon Wilson, a Junior double-majoring in the fields of business management and computer information systems, came to the event to work on a couple CIS assignments and also prepare for his midterm exam.

Wilson, who also serves as the Assistant Director of Transportation, said the event that took place was “quiet, and provided an opportunity for students to study.” When asked if there should be more study opportunities, Wilson responded by agreeing there should be more events, but preferably in “a different location [with] WIFI.”

 Wilson may just get what he asked for, after the junior and senior class cabinet members confirmed the possibility of another study session for finals which would take place at the end of the semester.

The event was very well thought out and could not have come at a better time with midterms quickly approaching.

Even though the locked wifi put a halt on some students studying plans, the junior and senior class cabinets still put on a successful event. Overall, the student turnout was good and those responsible were able help their peers get one step closer to success.