Huntington outside of the plate

Ryan Huntington throws a strike as he takes the mound at Wilbert Ellis Field.

If you ever see Ryan Huntington walking around campus, you’ll see him dressed in some type of Grambling State University baseball apparel. That’s because he’s a student-athlete and a left-handed pitcher at Grambling, and if he’s not in class, he’s most likely preparing for practice or a game.

Huntington described his life outside of baseball as a full-time student, and someone who likes spending time with friends and family. Huntington is a junior majoring in criminal justice and is one of Grambling’s international students from Oranjestad, Aruba, a small island near the coast of Venezuela.

“Growing up in Aruba is amazing because we have white sandy beaches, the water is clear, and everything is just beautiful over there, and it’s a small Island so everyone knows each other over there,” Huntington said.

Back home, Huntington grew up with his younger sister, and his mom and dad who he said was his biggest motivations. Huntington said his dad (Bryan Huntington) is his favorite coach and the one who helped him fall in love with the game of baseball. He was there for him from the beginning and became someone he looked up to because he grew up watching his dad play baseball for a team in Aruba. Him and his share a close bond and loves to go fishing which is Huntington’s favorite hobby.

Huntington is quite the Yankees fan. In fact, when asked what is something that no one knows about you, he responded: “It’s hard to get me mad. The only way you can get me mad is if the Yankees lose and you start teasing me about it.”

His favorite movie is ‘Lone Survivor’ because it taught him “no matter what you are going through, never give up.”

Before a game, he likes to listen to Soca and Dembow music.

In an interview with his teammates Richard Ortiz (catcher), Nick Wheeler (outfield) and Andy Escano (right-hand pitcher), they all shared common denominator facts about Huntington, which was he was he was like a brother to them, he’s always in a good mood, and he’s the team motivator.

“I would describe Ryan as a competitor because he always wants the best for us,” Ortiz said. “I feel like he is more motivator because he is always on everyone’s back trying to get everyone in a good mood before the game. If someone does something wrong, you can always count on him for the support you need.”