When was the first time you learned about Sexual Assault ?

"I learned about sexual assault in my middle school sex-ed class. I’m still learning about,  especially being in college now. Thereare a lot of stories about it happening on campus, so I have to remain alert.” Semaja Pickett, Seattle, Washington, Sophomore

"My first time learning about sexual assault was when I was in the 7th grade. A young girl in our class was assaulted by her step father & became pregnant.” Seth Williams, Houston, Texas, Senior

"I don’t think it was a specific time that I really first learned about sexual assault. It’s something that I’ve always known about self-consciously. If it’s wrong, it’s wrong and we all know when something doesn’t feel or seem right.” Lauryn Hughes, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Sophomore

"I learned about sexual assault when I was in the 5th grade when someone in my family was sexually assaulted." Derry Davidson, Monroe, Louisiana, Senior