Quemix vs Ella Mai

Ella Mai – Trip

Much like Boo’d up, Trippin is produced by California super producer DJ Mustard. Trippin’ might even be considered by some as the song of the summer. Trip has a smooth beat where Mai sings about being through with tripping over a guy who’s love seems too good to be true. The video for the song was just released a little over a week ago on September 18th, 2018.

Jacquees – Trip remix

Jacquees has been known to make remixes to song dating back to his two Quemix tapes from 2013 and 2015. Ques stated he was not mad at Mai as he knows she had nothing to do with the removal of the song. 

Drama came a few weeks after Jacquees released the remix of the song on YouTube, and SoundCloud. 

After the song surpassed Mai’s in views and listens, Jacquees was then instructed to remove the song from all internet platforms. Many social media users quickly took to their timelines to bash Ella Mai for what happened. But what people may not know is that Mai had nothing to do with the removal of the song. 

DJ Mustard spoke out to set the record straight, he stated, “our artists don’t send cease and desists, we do.” He continued to go on saying “no one steals from 10 summers” (his record label). Jacquees shot and recorded the video for his “Quemix” before Mai released the video for her original version. 

Several artists came to her defense trying to calm down fans who were mad about the removal. Notable artists defending her include T-Pain who was trying to explain business practices that pertain to music covers and how they should be approached. 

Fans then proceeded to ask why 10 Summers didn’t ask T-Pain to remove his version of his remix to “Boo’d Up.” He then responded saying that he didn’t try to monetize his remix, so he was exempt from the 10 Summers disapproval. 

Ques then responded to T-Pain saying his brother posted the song on YouTube and SoundCloud. Also saying that he loves Ella Mai and her music. Ques’ team also released a statement to Billboard about the situation, trying to hash things out and that they hope the two sides can collaborate on a song in the near future. 

The statement reads, “we love Ella and are cool with her team a well. He has been releasing not only Quemix songs but the entire projects with remixes of other artists’ songs ranging back to 2013.”