Aubrey & The 3 Migos

Drake released his first full studio album, “Thank Me Later” on June 15, 2010, and 8 years later he is still dominating the music charts and the stage. Aubrey and the Three Amigos performed in Dallas, TX on September 28 at the American Airlines Center.  

Migos kicked off the show and got the crowd hyped. Although their music was a hit with the audience, their color-coordinated bright Na scar-inspired jumpsuit suits were definitely a standout. 

Offset sported a yellow jumpsuit, Quavo wore a red jumpsuit, while Takeoff came out in a green jumpsuit. The music group was styled by Zoe Costello.

Migos performed all of their hits, old and new, in the area style stage that allowed the audience to enjoy the show from all sides. Their opening set list songs included “Fight Night”, “T-Shirt”, “Bad and Boujee”, “Hannah Montana”, “Ric Flair Drip”, “Slippery”, “Deadz”, and “Ice Tray”. 

Headliner Aubrey aka Drake had a rather unique entrance enthusiastically rapping his hit song “8 out of 10” off his latest album “Scorpion” inside a “translucent mesh screen enclosure” that covered the entire stage with images of a lighting storm and himself displayed upon it.  

After performing his opening songs “Talk Up”, “Mob Ties” and “Started from the Bottom” the concert turned into an interactive rap battle. Drake divided the audience in half to rap his songs against one another. 

He played “Jumpman” for the right side and “Both” for the left side to start things off and others like “Best I Ever Had” which the crowd seemed to enjoy.  

The show was divided into two sides, resembling his album “Scorpion”. 

His Side A performance consisted of rap songs like “Can’t Take a Joke”, “Trophies”, “The Motto”, “Energy”, “Know Yourself”, “Yes Indeed”, and Side B with slow jams like “After Dark”, “Controlla”, ‘What’s my name”, “Upset”, “Fake Love”, “Hotline Bling”, and “One Dance”.

Senior Electronics Engineering major J’Lynn Preston, 21, enjoyed Side B of the concert but especially the Micheal Jackson tribute right before he sang his song with the late Michael Jackson “After Dark”.

 “The Drake and Migos concert was absolutely fantastic. I had the opportunity to hear the artist vocals in live action, along with the stage appeal. My favorite part was when Drake slowed the tempo and sang Michael Jackson’s “Rock with you”,” said Preston. 

A highlight of the Aubrey and the Three Amigos tour was the stage effects like the firework-like effects and jets that encompassed the perimeter of the stage. During the song “Elevate” there was flying lights that hovered Drake wherever he went on stage. During the song “Yes Indeed” there was a yellow Ferrari that was passed along throughout the crowd. 

The stage landscape was another unique element Drake brought to Dallas, Texas. 

It would change from a giant whirlpool of water, cracked concrete, lava emerging from rocks, ocean water, clouds and scrolling through Drake’s Instagram feed of the #kekechallenge on an iPhone 10 while performing “In my Feelings”.

In the middle of the concert, Migos joined Drake, along with some backup dancers, to perform one of their latest collaborations together, “Walk it Like I Talk it” and threw it back to 2013 where they performed their song, “Versace”, together. The Migos performed a few more songs like “Stir Fry”, “Narcos” and “Motorsport”.

“The concert was a cool experience. I had a chance to not only see 1 amazing artist but 4. If given the chance to go see them again I would. My favorite part was when Aubrey and the Three Amigos came out to sing “Walk it like I Talk it.” Also, I loved the stage graphics,” said Africa Sayers, 21, a senior psychology major. 

Thomas Preston, 22, a senior marketing major enjoyed the show and thought Drake wanted to give the audience more than a rap show; he wanted to give them an experience. 

“It was a good experience. I enjoyed it from halfway beginning (I was a little late lol) to end. 

Drake made it more than a show to watch. I enjoyed watching the digital stage,” said Preston.

The show closed with Drake performing “Gods Plan” right after he showed a collage of videos that spanned over the course of his career that featured notable stars like Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, and Lil Wayne.