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Eddie the Tiger cleanup

In recognition of Founders week at Grambling State University, the Student Government Association (SGA) held a “Cleaning Eddie the Tiger” event on Monday, Sept. 24 at 5 p.m. 


Eddie the Tiger is a statue named after legendary football coach, Eddie G. Robinson. It is located in the center of GSU’s campus across from Long-Jones Hall and the Eddie G Robinson Museum, and arrived on campus Dec. 4, 2013. 


Students came and were given buckets of water and rags filled with soap. The Tiger was hosed down then scrubbed from top to bottom. Additionally, they were able to earn service learning hours while showing school spirit. SGA President Adarian Williams decided to take on the project in 2017 because the statue had not been cleaned in years.   


“SGA decided to take on this project last year because we wanted students to be able to participate in Founders Week,” said Williams. “We thought, ‘how in the world could we do that?’ So, we got clearance saying that we could clean the Tiger. We came out here and students got their towels and buckets and participated in cleaning the Tiger.”


Tyler Casnel, a student at GSU, expressed how alumnus pay for engraved bricks around the statue, so the statue should be kept tidy. 


“The Tiger is something that represents Grambling and who we are as a whole,” said Casnel.  


“So, for it to be dirty or not in up-keeps is neglecting it, and I feel as though people should come out and clean it because this is very important to us.”


As a commemoration for the students who cleaned the statue, a brick in front of the statue was picked out to be designated just for them. The cleaning of Eddie the Tiger is now an event set to take place annually.