Aramark sits down with students

     With recent issues between Aramark and the students, Aramark has decided to have a sit down and personally talk with the students about the food being served on campus. 


     On Wednesday, Sept. 19, 2018, a panel of Aramark employees sat down with students, some who were athletes, international students, and Student Government Association to hear their opinions on the food service.  The main complaints were focused on the lack of variety and quality of the food being served.


     “I have encountered Aramark at my old school there was more of a stagnant, when we would go into the cafeteria, we already knew what they were serving,” said Madison Connally, a junior from Dayton, Oh majoring in Criminal Justice.


     A few weeks prior to the meetings, a student discovered her chicken sandwich from Burger King was not fully cooked and complained but felt as if she was not properly taken care of when she showed the raw sandwich.  As well as another incident of the Macaroni Hotdogs that went viral on twitter and students were not happy with the dish.


     “I was going to try Krispy Chicken one day, because when I had my visit here, my coach told me it was really good,” Connally began to explain.


     “I went over there and the employee behind the counter was eating and then asked me what I wanted. I just said I’ll pass.”


     Not only were there complaints on the food but there were also concerns of sanitation when handling the food.


     “The sanitation in the express, it isn’t dirty, but I see employees not wearing gloves,” said Keinan Flores, sophomore.


     “The other day I was at Taco Bell getting a crunchwrap and they had my crunchwrap sitting on the counter before they placed it in the wrapper.”


     As the ladies from the panel listened to each students’ concerns, they started to explain what changes Aramark has made and what they plan to do in the future as well. It was also explained that a survey will be given out to students, so they can see what improvements they can make and will be entered in a drawing for a Visa gift card.


     “One of the changes that we are making are incorporating more seasonal fruit and relocate the fruit to a different section,” said Karen Ashford, Aramark Supervisor.


     The meeting also touched base on getting different food option in Tiger Express.  Candace Bell, senior District Marketing Manager, says that depending on the vendor they might not want to have an establishment on a college campus. 


     “Some brands have different requirements that we have to meet and some like Chipotle, that has came up many times, does not want to come on a college campus,” said Bell.


     While trying to listen and give what the students want, they are not able to but as Bell stated, Aramark does try to find the closet thing to what students are asking for.


     At the end of the meeting, the panel thanked the students for voicing their opinions and concern and informed them that there will be another meeting coming soon to have a follow up on the food service on campus.