A Gem at Grambling

They say the pearl is the queen of jewelry. Some say diamonds are a girl’s best friend but there is a precious gem surrounding Grambling. She holds stability, peace, and perspective. Her name is Jade “Lipstick Junkie” Boykins-Humphrey, a graduating senior from southwest Atlanta. Inspired by ATLlien radio personalities Jazzy McBee and Frank Ski, Jade aspires to be Atlanta’s next big shock jock.


Similar to the ornamental stone, Jade is most valued for her acumen. But like any precious gem, they don’t start out pretty and polished. It starts off rough, but with enough pressure, time and essence, it becomes picturesque. Miss Jade is that jewel.


Jade’s voyage to Grambling was extemporaneous. “I was in a toxic relationship and I felt like I needed to get away from Atlanta. Despite me doing well at Georgia State University, I was in a clouded space and felt like a prisoner of my own mind. I knew to move away was going to make it better, eventually.” Jade is very transparent about leaving home with no clear plan. It was a rocky experience.


“My journey was extremely rough. I remember my mom giving me her last $20 and I had to make it work. That experience taught me about the significance of sacrifice. That it should be done through blood, sweat, and tears. A person must sacrifice things just to get to their ultimate goal.” Today, Jade has met her personal ambitions.


Mrs. Boykins-Humphrey is the 2018 Editor-In-Chief of Grambling’s newspaper, The Gramblinite. She is also a member of the National Society of Leadership and Success, the Honor’s Society. Previously, she was the 2016-2017 News Director on The Radio Lab and the 2016-2017 Speaker of The House of the Women in Communication Organization.


She currently is the co-host and radio personality of “The Sweet Tea.” Similar to ABCs The View and TVOnes Sister Circle, Sweet Tea is a women’s empowerment show discussing topics which include relationships, entertainment news, and healthy living. “Radio is a cathartic experience. It’s a perfect medium where the listener is focused only on the voice; It’s a powerful tool. However, I’m not confined to just radio.”


She has multiple platforms where she’s able to express herself outside of Grambling State. For instance, she uses her personal YouTube channel, Lipstick Junkie where to express her art in makeup. “In five years, I see myself as a serial entrepreneur. Radio is fine but the goal is to think out the norm and go beyond my comfort zone. I have a couple of business plans in the works that I can’t wait to show the world. Still, I will continue to empower Black women and discuss issues in the African American community. I want to start my own podcast post-graduation as well. “


When a person wants to create a change in their life, it probably won’t be easy. There will be a struggle. Jade shows that through motivation, always make the growth mindset choice. “My advice to anyone who wants to major in mass communication is to experience every aspect of it as you can. The more adaptable you are, you become the asset to the brand. Create your own lane and never give up!”