Tiger Top Five

With such a long playlist of music starting all the way back in 2010, Mac Miller has an extensive discography that is making it tough to choose his top 5 songs.

Although it was tough the top five come from his pure hip-hop albums. There were a number of honorable mentions but the top five are as follows:
1. ‘Donald Trump’ – Although the president is making a mockery of this country while in office, Miller delivers a song of a lavish lifestyle of a then up-and-coming mainstream rapper.

This song sprung some short beef between Miller and Trump who didn’t appreciate his likeness being used in the song as well as the video. The beef even nearly led to Trump suing for illegal uses of his name.

Needless to say, that didn’t pan out for the then Apprentice billionaire mogul.

2. ‘Nikes on my Feet’ – The best song on Miller’s debut tape “Kickin’ Incredibly Dope Sh*t.” In listening to this song, it depicts the early 2010s era of music perfectly.

Laid back beats while humbly flexing what clothes or jewelry one had at the time.

 Most of his songs in this era were short, sweet, and to the point. Usually in this day-and-age a song less than 3 minutes can be pretty underwhelming but in Miller’s case songs less than 3 minutes were certified hits that were usually accompanied by a video on his YouTube page.

3. ‘Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza’ – Another song from his earliest release K.I.D.S. that delivers a chill laid back flow. A true song for all the smokers in the world. But besides the mellow chill beats that got Mac Miller his official fan base, he talks of his dreams of what he wanted out of hip hop.

Along with dreams he talked about what he already accomplished in his career where he was at that point in time in 2010.

4. ‘Senior Skip Day’ – Another song from K.I.D.S. to make it into this top 5. Never experienced senior skip day in high school? Don’t worry this song has got you covered. Miller starts his day how every high school student dream.

Waking up late and being able to enjoy a nice big 5-star breakfast and watch some television without having to rush to school.

Miller is enjoying his morning so much he even has time to put together multiple breakfast options and even invite some friends over to enjoy a relaxed morning with him.   

5. ‘Cut the Check’ – It’s safe to say fans were short-changed by never receiving an entire mixtape with Mac Miller x Chief Keef collaborations.

It wasn’t often that you heard Miller on a trap type beat, but it sounds great. Miller’s flow along with Keef’s unconventional rhymes and flow style make this song one of the best on Miller’s ‘Go:od am’ album.

The honorable mentions songs are: Avian, 100 Grandkids, Smile Back, Dang!, and Best Day Ever.

In total Miller had a quality discography that will live on for a long time and have recently saw a spike in streams following the rappers untimely death.