Just recently, the hip-hop world lost an icon in Malcolm McCormick better known by his stage name Mac Miller.  Miller, 26, was a young artist from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He was a legend among people my age who listened to Mac Miller back in 2012 during his underground YouTube phase.

With early tapes such ass “Kickin’ Incredibly Dope Sh*t,” “Best Day Ever,” and “Macadellic,” Miller gained a large fanbase for his chill mellow type of music that one could play throughout any time of the day and not be disappointed in the music.

Miller was found dead from a drug overdose in his home in the San Fernando Valley. He had been struggling with drug abuse for a number of years before this incident. The 2014 mixtape, “Faces”, was him coming out and talking about his drug use along with premonitions of a premature death from drugs.

Miller was set to on go tour in a month to accompany the release of his latest album “Swimming.” This latest album debuted at number 3 on the Billboard 200 chart. Miller’s discography has a good mix of all types of hip-hop music. And his music will love on for a very long time.

Miller was well liked by several artists in the music industry. When an ambulance arrived, among the friends and family present was NBA All-Star Karl-Anthony Towns who briefly tweeted “not only were you my favorite artist, you was one of my closest friends.

The love we had was genuine and the moments we shared were filled with nothing but positivity and laughter.”

When news of him passing surfaced a large number of artists posted tribute either or social media or had a special segment in their concert for those what are currently on tour.

There is even a football player on the Pittsburgh Steelers (James Conner) who has tribute his game cleats to the Pittsburgh native. Everyone who listened to Miller definitely felt the sting of the news the rocked the music world last week.