Quarterback position still not settled for G-Men

GRAMBLING — The Grambling State Football team was off this week, but will be back Sept. 22, 2018 for their home opener against Alabama State (1-2). Going into week four, the question on everyone’s mind is, who will be the starting quarterback for Grambling.

Coming off two championship seasons and the exit of graduating senior, Devante Kincade, many fans are getting impatient.

“We need that one man to point to and say, lead us to victory,” said Rashad Davalie, a senior majoring in accounting. “I think we have had too many championships to now have issues with the quarterback.” When asked what solution could be used against Alabama State, he suggested review of the entire offense. “We are running the ball too much and the plays are getting mediocre.”

It is possible that Coach Fobbs is introducing a two quarterback system. According to Lisa Horne at Bleacher Report, there are two factors that cause coaches to consider using two quarterbacks intentionally in a game. “Maybe the coach has both dual threat and pro-style quarterbacks at his disposal and wants to use each one in certain down-and-yardage situations. Maybe the college football coach can’t decide between two equally talented quarterbacks.”

How good is team chemistry in a locker room when the team loses despite one quarterback playing well and another not playing well? Aldon Clark, leads the team in passing and rushing yards, even though this is Geremy Hickbottom’s second season with the G-Men.

The offensive line cannot get in tune with the intonations of either one of the starting quarterbacks’ voices or their body movements.

“They should just pick one already,” said Tevyn Wade, a junior majoring in mass communication. “They are not able to learn the system, and the coaches and team will never get in the swing. Chad Williams and Kincade were a big impact in the past few seasons, but the receivers and offensive line need to step up.”
During the week three conference with Coach Fobbs, he addressed working with younger players in key positions. “We were blessed the last four years to have seasoned quarterbacks that could cover-up many of the deficiencies,” explained Coach Fobbs. “Both quarterbacks are trying to make plays, and if not just throw it away.”

Brandon Wiggs is a linebacker and biology major from Atlanta. Wiggs was asked how he felt about the quarterbacks on his team, and replied.  

“The two QB’s we have are unique, and it’s hard to choose one because of the traits they carry,” Wiggs said.  “Both quarterbacks have skill-sets that are impeccable, so it’s a choice that will be decided late in the season.” As of now, Geremy Hickbottom is the starter and only time will tell for future references.
One thing that everyone can agree on is that the offense needs to do a better job of helping each quarterback. SWAC conference season starts this week, and everybody is at the edge of their seats. Coming off a winning streak season last year, the pressure is on.

Kendall Mears, from Flint, Mich., is a biology major going into her junior year of college, and is also an athletic trainer for the football  team. Her thoughts regarding the quarterback crisis shows the strengths in both players.

“Hickbottom has matured so much that you actually see the growth,” Mears said. “Clark on the other hand came in as a dominant transfer which makes for a heck of a fight between the two."

Hopefully, the coaches will make a a decision regarding quarterbacks so that the team can get back on to that winning streak.



* Geremy Hickbottom
Redshirt Freshman, 6’4 210 pounds, from Mobile, Ala. In his first game back, he was 8/18 and he threw for 112 yards. He also had 11 carries for 57 yards. This was his debut game against ULL. In his second game against Northwestern, Hickbottom was 3/10, and he threw for 16 yards. He also had 7 carries for 36 yards.
* Aldon Clark
Transfer Freshman 6’3 210 pounds, from New Orleans. In Clark’s first game, he was 8/11 and threw for 47 yards.
He also managed 14 carries for 67 yards.