How things should have been done

In a society where women are often targets for jokes and drama, it is unfortunate to see women purposely belittle each other and also get blatantly mistreated in fields where there should be equality.

The time has come for women with credentials to take advantage of their status and empower themselves and other women.

Hip-Hop artists, Cardi B and Nicki Minaj were seen leaving New York Fashion Week’s annual Harper’s Bazaar Icons party at the Plaza Hotel when a fight between the two stars broke out. It was not until the next morning that Cardi explained to Instagram that Minaj supposedly came for her parenting skills which insinuated the fight.

 The fight came as a surprise to many considering the two worked together on a song called “Motorsport” alongside Migos just a year ago.
The stars were escorted out of the event and news hit the tabloids. Negative light hovered on Cardi and Minaj as an elegant evening turned into a boxing ring.

When you are blessed with the opportunity to attend world-renowned fashion shows and entertainment events, the last thing that should take place is a fight between two well-known and respected artists. Women in the industry have the ability to use their voices to demand change and respect, but that will be overlooked when there is lack of self-respect.

Even though everyone will not get along or be able to work well together it is important to maintain your character and not belittle yourself or your brand. Cardi B is fairly new to the rap and entertainment scene, unlike Nicki Minaj who has been in the game for over a decade.

There were rumors Cardi would be unable to attend any further fashion shows due to the fact she caused uproar during NYFW- it was not the time or place. Cardi B nearly threw her reputation on the line just to fight publicly with Minaj instead of taking the time to speak on the matter privately or just ignore it all together.

It is especially embarrassing to watch women of color pick against each other instead of either staying in their own lanes, or working together for the betterment of entertainment and society.

These women have fans and young girls looking up to them, and those young girls would possibly have benefited more from hearing a positive remark about Cardi and Nicki instead of finding out they were beefing at a high class event.

It is hard to be a woman in today’s society because no matter what, there is always someone comparing your abilities to the next man or woman. In the sports realm, Serena Williams accused an official of sexism when she lost to 20 year old Naomi Osaka.

 It began when the official announced Williams was speaking to her coach during her match, which is against the rules and noted it as cheating. Williams was flabbergasted, and denied even the thought of cheating, and demanded an apology.

After losing a game, she smashed her racket on the court, which resulted in a second penalty and also the loss of a point. The post-match celebration was then ruined by booing from fans upset over what they thought was Ramos’s unfair treatment of Williams. Osaka covered her face and cried.

What happened after that is what brought comfort- Williams embraced Osaka and tried to give words of encouragement which brought a smile to Osaka’s face. Tabloids and reports tried to show Serena Williams as angry and tempered, but she used her status and character to show she was from a sore loser.
Williams congratulated her opponent and understood Osaka deserved to win.

It is empowering to watch women work together. Women can get much further in life and earn positive recognition when they work across the board, helping each other build and better themselves.